Wipro ai360 Platform:
Enterprise GenAI SaaS

Unleash the power of Generative AI with ai360!
The SaaS platform is designed to revolutionize
productivity and efficiency for enterprises.

Wipro ai360 Platform


With pre-built applications and a flexible infrastructure, ai360 accelerates the adoption of GenAI across industries. Experience a new era of seamless integration and unlock your business's true potential.

Wipro Chat
Wipro Chat
A customized app tailored to your organization's needs. Enhance employee productivity, in HR, marketing, customer support, PR, Ops and a myriad of other roles. Generate content and tackle tasks within your enterprise. Use state of the art LLM's like GPT 3.5, 4.0 or Google PaLM, Gemini and others to compare and optimize outputs for your scenario.
Document Chat
Document Chat
A customized app that analyses, summarizes, and generates insights from file(s). You can use this with pdf's, ppt's, doc files and various other formats. This app excels in content analysis, summarization, and generating valuable information based on your existing unstructured data sets.
GenAI Impact on
Unlock exponential productivity and efficiency with the GenAI ai360 platform. Empower your enterprise, faster innovation, and accelerate GenAI adoption to reduce time and enhance team performance.
  • 100K+
    Enterprise Users
  • 110K
    Hours Saved
  • +30%
    Productivity Gains
  • > 3
    Leading LLMs
  • > 1 Bn
    Tokens Served

Key Features

Unlock the potential of generative AI with ai360 platform's capabilities and extensibility. Seamlessly, smoothly, and securely accelerate the adoption of AI, empowering your organization with transformative capabilities.

Wipro Chat
State Of the Art LLMs
Choose from market-leading LLMs: GPT 3.5, GPT 4.0, Palm2, Gemini, Custom LLM's for ultimate flexibility.
Wipro Chat
Turnkey App with UX and API
Enable UX access with SSO and AD integration. Use the ai360 platform APIs to quickly enable GenAI into your existing applications.
Wipro Chat
Built-in Guardrails
Guardrails on security, role based, content, response, and Profanity.
Wipro Chat
SaaS for quick time to value
Fully SaaS capable and secure from the ground up - anchored on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Our Partners

We have been working with industry leaders.

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  • Google
  • aws
  • Open AI
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